Boyd Bacon

Boyd Bacon

Boyd Bacon holds a fixed term appointment at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln and is Director of Fine Arts at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Prior to these positions, he taught at Columbus Senior High and Wahoo Public Schools, grades six through twelve. At NWU, he currently directs the "Touch of Class: Jazz Choir and the men's chorus as well as theory, voice and arranging.

Many of Mr. Bacon's publications filled commissions for compositions and arrangements for church and school choral groups and bands in Nebraska, Kansas and California.

The Nebraska Choral Directors Association, for which he served as President, honored Mr. Bacon as the first recipient of the Choral Director of the Year Award. The University of Nebraska‑Lincoln Teachers College Alumni Association honored him also as an outstanding teacher. In 1995, Mr. Bacon became the first part‑time teacher to receive Nebraska Wesleyan's Exemplary Teacher Award.

Mr. Bacon holds a B.M.E. degree in Piano and a M.M. degree in Composition, both from the University of Nebraska‑Lincoln.

His wife, Dr. Masako Nakamura Bacon, is an organist and is Associate Director of Fine Arts at Westminster Presbyterian.