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What Is Lorenz Online?


For over a century, Lorenz has provided church musicians curated, seasonal service music selections at an affordable price. Lorenz Online takes that tradition and combines it with the flexibility of a digital platform to provide the most comprehensive library of service music available to church pianists and organists today.


How does it work?

Lorenz Online is a monthly subscription service. Each month, you will receive credits to download up to ten* individual piano or organ pieces from Our User Guide provides step-by-step instructions on using your credits and accessing your purchases. Subscribers will also receive a monthly email with recommended selections and new pieces for upcoming services: you can download any or all of them, or choose from the thousands of other pieces available through this subscription. And, if you need more music, you’ll receive a discount of 50% off additional downloads as long as you maintain your subscription.**


How do I join?

From the dropdown menu on this screen, select the subscription option you want and then click the “Join Now” button. You will then be asked to enter you credit card information. By proceeding, you authorize Lorenz to charge your credit card for the amount of your subscription (plus tax) every month for as long as you choose to subscribe. If you’re having trouble, click here to view step-by-step instructions on signing up.


* Actual number of downloads in a given month depends on subscription option and the individual products selected for download.

** Discount may not be combined with other discounts. Applies to individual, downloadable keyboard sheet music pieces only.


About Lorenz Online

Lorenz Online is the next generation of Lorenz’s century-long history of publishing sheet music subscriptions for church keyboard players.  It offers organists and pianists the flexibility to quickly find the right music for their service needs at a fraction of the cost of other publications, while also providing curated recommendations for upcoming occasions or worship themes.

Common Questions

Lorenz Online is a monthly subcription service. Each month, subscribers receive a predetermined allocation of Download Credits, which may be used to “buy” eligible downloadable products at no additional cost. Most of these products are individual pieces of sheet music; however, a selection of bundles or collections of multiple pieces is also available for purchase with Download Credits. Subscribers will also receive a monthly e-mail newsletter listing seasonally-appropriate recommendations and new pieces for upcoming worship services. In addition, subscribers will receive exclusive discounts on other products.

Download Credits are the currency that Lorenz Online subscribers can use to buy service music. When you subscribe, and with each monthly renewal, your total available Download Credits will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen when you’re logged in to Each month, subscribers will receive either 50 or 100 Download Credits, depending on the subscription option they choose when they sign up. In general, an individual solo will cost 10 Download Credits*; this means that subscribers may buy roughly five or 10 pieces per month using their Download Credits, based on their subscription. For those who previously subscribed to our print magazines, 50 Download Credits per month is similar to a single magazine subscription, and 100 Download Credits per month is similar to having two magazine subscriptions.


*Shorter solos may cost fewer than 10 Download Credits, while longer solos may cost more.

When you view products on, you will see the words “Buy with” followed by options for Credit Card (which is the default) or Download Credits. When you select “Download Credits,” you will see the price for an eligible product update to Credits rather than dollars, and any item which you can’t buy with Download Credits will appear grayed-out. Enter the quantity you wish to buy, and click the “Buy with Credits” button. The item will be added to your cart, and those Download Credits will appear to have been deducted from your total available; however, they won’t actually be redeemed until you go through checkout, where you’ll confirm the total number of Download Credits to be used on your purchase. View our User Guide for more details.

To search for individual piano or organ pieces that you can purchase with your Download Credits, type your search term in the search bar at the top of the page and hit enter. Then, under the “Product Area” filter, check the box next to “Keyboard.” Your page will refresh, and a new filter will appear called “Collection or Song.” If you check “Song,” you’ll find all of the individual keyboard pieces currently eligible for purchase with your Download Credits.

Yes! While thousands of individual piano and organ pieces are available, select downloadable collections and backlist magazine issues are also available for purchase with Download Credits. (However, please note that most collections are not eligible for puchase with Download Credits.) All eligible products are listed here. In addition, every month you will have the option of using your Download Credits to buy a bundle of the five piano pieces or five organ pieces that we’re recommending for upcoming services—this is just like having one of Lorenz’s former print magazine subscriptions, with each bimonthly issue split into two separate 5-piece bundles.

At this time, the focus of Lorenz Online is on downloadable service music for solo organ and piano. However, we certainly plan on expanding these options to include downloadable instrumental and handbell pieces. Since this is a digital platform, subscribers may use Download Credits only to buy eligible digital editions. Available physical products may be purchased and shipped using a credit card.

Lorenz Online subscribers’ downloads will be found in the “My Downloads” area of their account, just like any other download purchased on our website. From there, you may download the PDF onto a device of your choice and/or print it out. Once you’ve bought music using your Download Credits, it’s yours to access as long as you have your account, even if you cancel your subscription.

We understand that five or 10 pieces per month may not be enough for some subscribers, so we’re offering up to 50% off downloads of individual pieces once you’ve used your Download Credits. No additional codes needed; these discounts will be applied to your order automatically as long as you remain a subscriber.

As of July 12, 2021, customers with unexpired subscriptions to The Church Pianist, The Organist, The Organ Portfolio, or The Sacred Organ Journal will receive a deposit of Download Credits to their account. The amount of this deposit will be based on the unexpired term of your print magazine subscription(s), calculated at 100 Download Credits per issue remaining. You may use these credits just like a Lorenz Online subscriber, and you’ll receive the same emails as subscribers for as long as your print subscription would have lasted. Once you’ve used your Download Credits, we hope you’ll subscribe to Lorenz Online!

We hate to see you go, but understand that needs change over time. To cancel your subscription to Lorenz Online, log in to your account and choose the “My Subscriptions” option from the account menu. You will see your Lorenz Online subscription, and to the right you’ll be able to click “Cancel” to end automatic payments. It may take up to 24 hours for your cancelation to process. You will have up to 12 months to use any Download Credits that you’ve earned, but will no longer be able to claim any additional discounts when you make credit card purchases.

Download Credits may expire if not redeemed within twelve months of when they are added to your account.

All digital download purchases on are final. This includes items purchased with download credits. (Please make sure a piece is not already in a collection or magazine issue that you own before buying!)