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Lorenz Choral Club members enjoy many benefits, including:


  • Free music voucher
  • Three boxes each year, with full music previews and recordings of nearly 100 brand-new anthems, cantatas/musicals, and collections by Lloyd Larson, Mary McDonald, Larry Shackley, Jay Rouse, Patti Drennan, Pepper Choplin, Marty Parks, Cindy Berry, Victor Johnson, and more!
  • Easy ordering, with the support of a knowledgeable and friendly staff of music ministry experts
  • Exclusive member pricing with 15% off most items and 5% off a few, select companion products

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About the Lorenz Choral Club

We know it can be difficult to stay up-to-date with all the new music that's released each year. That's why we offer the Lorenz Choral Club, so you never have to worry about missing out!


Club members receive three shipments of music each year:


  • April: New anthems for fall
  • May: New anthems and cantatas/musicals for Advent and Christmas
  • November: New anthems and cantatas/musicals for Spring and Easter


Members enjoy exclusive membership discounts of 15% off all choral titles and related CDs and instrumental accompaniment products. This discount also applies to our extensive catalog of keyboard and instrumental music—be sure to take a look at those!


Our ongoing and motivating goal is to provide practical music for the church regardless of choir size or additional resources. Our offerings span a wide range of styles, instrumentation, and difficulty levels, but all are written and developed because we believe in the musical integrity and purpose of each title. Our exceptional team of composers and authors are rooted in a sincere desire to serve the church music ministry.