Sound the Trumpet

Moderately Easy
Lorenz Publishing Company
Blow Up the Trumpet in the New MoonDouglas E Wagner
Trumpet TuneDavid P Dahl
Trumpet Tune in FAnna Laura Page
Trumpet TuneAnthony Giamanco
Trumpet Tune in GJohn S Dixon
Trumpet Tune in CMichael Ryan
A Joyful TrumpetPatricia Lou Harris
Fanfare and MarchMatthew McConnell
Duchy Road TrombaDick Sanderman
The Morning TrumpetFranklin D Ashdown
Celebration DuoRichard A Williamson
Trumpet Tune in the Lydian ModeFenton Groden
Trumpet TuneRobert Lau
FestivityGregg Sewell
The Golden TrumpetEdward Broughton
Trumpet ProcessionalDonald F Callender
A Renaissance TrumpetingSandra Gay
The Festive TrumpetBrian Glyncannon
Trumpet TuneJerry McCrory
The Trumpet of FaithLani Smith
Samson's Procession to the PillarsGregg Sewell
Trumpet Rondo à la GigueLani Smith
Celebration for TrumpetRobert W Thygerson