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Activate Magazine is reliable, eclectic, thorough, and thoughtful.


The lessons in Activate are written by active music teachers who share classroom-tested plans that will inspire you to try new lessons and to adopt new strategies.


The 18 or so lessons in each issue are in the voice and structural approach of its author. We have Orff lessons, Kodály lessons, STEAM lessons, World Music Drumming lessons, kid-lit lessons, and ensembles. You don’t use just one approach; we don’t either.


Every lesson includes everything you need to teach it tomorrow. Lessons are laid out sequentially with a detailed sequence, and visuals and other supporting materials are provided. Taken together, each issue’s lessons meet all eleven of the National Core Arts Standards and cover every grade level from K–6. You’ll also find inspiring and informative articles to take in as you have time.


Activate is proud to include lessons and articles by Mari Schay, Kathryn Finch, Abigail Blair, Katie Grace Miller, Liza Meyers, Kelly Mraz, Mark Burrows, Jennifer Patterson, Doug Edwards, Paul Corbière, Loren Tarnow, Deborah Cunningham, and dozens more. Having so many differing voices makes a difference.


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